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BestBroadbandRates.co.uk : What We Do

At BestBroadbandRates.co.uk, we connect you with partners who can offer various Cable, Internet and Phone packages from a range of service providers. If you purchase services through one of our partners, BestBroadbandRates.co.uk may be compensated. You will not pay more as a result of this compensation (in fact, many people pay less thanks to special promotions our partners are often able to offer).

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How Our Partners Can Save You Money

Our partners can often help you save by comparing the deals/promotions available to you within your service area. We want you to get the best price possible, so we encourage you to shop around, not just with our partners, but directly with the service providers themselves. If you can't get a better deal through our partners - you should buy direct from the service provider. If you're wondering how a re-seller might be able to offer you a better rate than the service provider themselves, consider that the re-seller will get paid for referring you, and they often use a portion of that commission to offer customers an incentive. Other times, Service Providers may make special promotions available through select re-sellers as a way to entice more people to sign-up, or to encourage the re-sellers to offer their services to callers over those of another company.


Our telephone partners can compare a range of providers for you.

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Often times our parterns will have unique promotions designed to save you money.

Call on 020 3758 4608


Our partners can usually offer assistance with switching service providers.

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UK Broadband Provider Directory

At BestBroadbandRates.co.uk we strive to offer you a wide array of options over the phone. However, we cannot guarantee that our telephone partners will be able to offer plans from every provider. To ensure you have access to pricing from all major Broadband providers, we have provided a directory below, with links to each Broadband provider website. By visiting directly, you can compare the most up to date plans, promotions and pricing.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media offers Broadband, Digital TV, Landline and Mobile services in the UK.

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BT Broadband

BT Broadband offers Broadband, Digital TV, Sports Packages and Mobile services.

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TalkTalk offers fixed-price Broadband, Fiber, TV and Call Packages.

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Sky Broadband and Sky Fibre offer high speed Broadband services in the UK.

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Three offers Mobile Broadband plans in the UK.

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PlusNet offers Broadband and Phone services for homes and businesses.

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Onestream offers unlimited Broadband plans and Calling packages in the UK.

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Post Office

Post Office offers Broadband and Home Phone packages in the UK.

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Toople is a residential and business Broadband internet and Phone provider.

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EE is a Broadband, Fibre and Phone provider in the UK.

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Small business Broadband and Phone packages for the UK.

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Now Broadband

Now Broadband and Now TV offer Broadband, TV and Phone services.

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bOnline offers Business Broadband and Fibre. bOnline focuses on small businesses.

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Vodafone is one of the largest providers of Broadband, Phone and SIM services.

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Origin Broadband offers Broadband internet and Phone services to UK customers.

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SSE provides Broadband and Phone packages in the UK.

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Relish offers unlimited wireless Broadband services.

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John Lewis

John Lewis Broadband offers straightforward Broadband and Phone services.

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Pop Telecom

Pop Telecom offers Broadband and Fibre deals for both the home and office.

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Shell Energy

Formerly known as First Utility, Shell Energy offers residential Broadband service.

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Hyperoptic offers extremely high speed Fibre Optic Broadband service.

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XLN Telecom

XLN provides Broadband Phone, Energy and Merchant Services to small businesses.

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Direct Save Telecom

Direct Save provides business & residential Broadband and Home Phone service.

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Vonage offers Mobile Broadband services targeted towards rural UK customers.

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Our partners have helped thousands of people save on Broadband, TV and Home Phone service. Call to see if they can help you too!

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UK Broadband Provider Phone Numbers

If you are an existing customer looking for the customer service phone number for your provider, the list below may contain the information you're looking for.

Call Sky - Sky Phone Number0800 151 2747 (UK Sky Freephone)
Call Virgin Media - Virgin Media Phone Number0800 064 3839 (UK Virgin Media Freephone)
Call TalkTalk - TalkTalk Phone Number0800 049 7827 (UK TalkTalk Freephone)
Call Plusnet - Plusnet Phone Number0800 432 0200 (UK Plusnet Freephone)
Call Fuel Broadband- Fuel Broadband Phone Number0800 036 3839 (UK Fuel Broadband Freephone)
Call Three - Three Phone Number0800 358 4314 (UK Three Freephone)
Call BT - BT Phone Number0800 800 150 (UK BT Freephone)
Call EE - EE Phone Number0800 079 8586 (UK EE Freephone)